How outsourcing can reduce the cost of digital marketing

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Balancing budgets with quality digital marketing through the challenging times ahead Many companies have slashed their marketing budgets as they struggle to keep afloat during these worrying times. With a return to normalcy still a long way off, they’re are doing everything they can to prepare for the oncoming recession. But is scaling back your […]

The psychology of marketing and selling to executive-level buyers

#1. Create your buyer personas One of the most common mistakes is cold-calling or emailing a prospective buyer to ask them what they’re looking for and determine how your offer could fit their business. Executive buyers often have a rather good idea of what they need, and they expect any prospective vendor to know as […]

B2B lead-generation strategy

What are the key ingredients of a future-proof B2B lead-generation strategy? If you find B2B lead-generation a huge challenge, you’re not alone. You already know how difficult it can be to earn and retain the attention of your target audience in an age of constant distraction. Many of the old, time-tested marketing strategies no longer […]

Marketing Resources to Help Your Business through COVID-19

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Understanding the impact of online marketing to your business As people around the world are working around the clock to respond to COVID-19, we know this time presents unique challenges to the continuity of your business. To help, we’ve put together some useful resources to help you get insights into how customer behavior has changed […]

Why I love using website analytics to test websites

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Today I had a call from a “friend of a friend” with the plea to spend 15 minutes looking at their company site (a prominent event management company with international presence). I had to really dig deep into my pocket of diplomacy as I reviewed the site since the 15 minutes turned into 3 hours […]

Introducing marketforbrand

The right brand brings new clients, revenue conversion and retains customers. It’s all about the Brand.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently!  The brand inspires customers to see your offer as being better and different from those of your competitors. The marketing brand instills confidence in the market and confidence with your teams and your […]